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The Patient Participation Group (PPG) exists to engage patients with the Practice to improve its services for everyone. The PPG committee meets regularly - either virtually or in person – and includes representatives of the Practice. All registered patients over the age of 16 are welcome to attend meetings. If you would like to be updated about what is happening within the Practice, or let us know your views and any concerns, please give your details in our Contact Form below.

Please see the article below, written by the PPG chair, Judy Timson

Harbury and Bishops Itchington surgery Patient Participation Group 

Since April 2016 it has been a contractual requirement for all GP practices in the UK to have a patient participation group (PPG).

A PPG is generally made up of a group of volunteers, a practice manager and a GP.  The aim being to discuss the current services, and how improvements can be made for the benefit of patients and the practice. 

In recent months there has been a resurgence of the Harbury and Bishops PPG, with new group members having joined. The group’s purpose is to help give our patient community a say in the way services are being delivered to best meet their needs. This we believe can contribute to the improvement of services, and the quality of care for patients within our local community. 

To establish goals and priorities, over the next twelve months the group will work with the practice to explore what patients think about the current services available. This will require the PPG to understand the practice population range, which is an important factor, as not all patients will have the same needs or requirements. 

The role of a PPG is to be a ‘critical friend’ by assisting the practice in understanding and appreciating what patients are thinking. Therefore, one of the key objectives will be to obtain feedback from patients of both practices. 

To help with this the PPG will be placing posters, promoting the group’s purpose, on notice boards in both Harbury and Bishops Itchington villages, including the two surgeries. The contact details for patients to send their suggestions /comments to, will be on the posters. ppg.harburysurgery@gmail.com

As the group becomes more established in its objectives the minutes taken from meetings will be published on the practice website as well as on the ‘PPG noticeboard’ in the two practices. This will provide patients with information as to what topics have been discussed and what the PPG is working on. 

We would like to be able to get in touch with you to keep you updated with what is happening within the Practice, ask for suggestions you may have and to know of any issues you would like to raise. Please complete this form if you’re happy for us to contact you.

By providing these details, you are consenting to the PPG contacting you by email [and text if a mobile number is supplied], regarding the PPG and the Practice. Your contact details will be held securely and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. They will only be used for this purpose.

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